Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Fall River Road - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Old Fall River Road is only open from around July 4th to around the end of October. It is a eleven mile, one way dirt road with a speed limit of 15 miles an hour. It runs from Endovaley to the Alpine Visitor Center at Fall River Pass. Many park visitors miss this road because they come when the road is closed, or they drive right past it staying on the paved road leading to Bear Lake or Trail Ridge Road. The scenery along the road is among the most spectacular in the park, so it shouldn't be missed if possible.

Chasm Falls is a good place to stop and spend awhile. There are hiking trails up the first part of the falls and there are places where you can easily step from rock to rock in the water.

Like the rest of Rocky Mountain National Park, elk is often spotted here. This bull is still in velvet.

Chipmunks can always been scurrying in and out of the rocks.

Old Fall River Road reaches an elevation of 11.796 feet. Near the end of the road, just before reaching the Alpine Visitor Center, there are several very pretty lakes. The snow pack never entirely melts.

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I have been there with my grandma. Nice place.