Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pineridge Natural Area - Fort Collins, Colorado

I don't believe that any city in the country can match Fort Collin's trails and park systems.

Trails, perfect for biking and hiking, criss-cross the city, sometimes linking with open, natural areas.

Pineridge natural area is located in southwest corner of Fort Collins. There is a nice dog park at the end of Horsetooth Rood that is adjacent to one of the Pineridge trails.

We sometimes let our dogs run in the park and then take them walking on the trail.

Dixon Reservoir is located within Pineridge Natural Area. It is a very good place for a picnic and some fishing.

A total of seven miles cover the Pineridge Natural Area.

Another very popular recreation area, Horsetooth Reservoir, borders the south side of Pineridge, featuring a larger reservoir with more trails and park areas.

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flygal61 said...

I enjoyed your Pineridge photos and hope to visit soon. It is one of the one's I have missed. I very much enjoy your blog and will return. Karen of Camper Goods