Sunday, October 26, 2008

Orange Beach, Alabama from the new Phoenix West Condos

These photos are from the 27th Floor of the new Phoenix West condos at Orange Beach. Condos of this height are a new addition to the Alabama beaches. Before the new high rises, photos like these would have had to be taken from the air.

Romar Lakes Condos and wetlands.

The Wharf mixed-use development (retail, dining,condos, atractions) on the Intercoastal Canal (opened 2006). The Wharf has been very slow getting established. Businesses are having trouble keeping their doors open, and condos are worth less today than they were at pre-construction prices.

The centerpiece attraction, the Ferris Wheel, said to be the Southeast's biggest, can be seen at center. The toll bridge over the Intercoastal Canal is at left.

Wetlands and south end of Lake Shelby.

The beach, Romar Lakes at left, Terry Cove Cotton Bayou, and Wolf Bay in the distance.

The beach, Phoenix West II under construction, and Lake Shelby at far right.

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