Thursday, June 18, 2009

Never Before Caught a Stingray This Way

I've caught many stingrays on the Alabama Gulf Coast. If you're fishing the beaches and bays with natural baits its impossible not to catch them.

On our last trip to Gulf Shores, I hooked one. I knew it was a ray because my line suddenly went tight. I couldn't budge it. Like many do, this one had buried himself up in the sand. Even small ones are hard to drag out when they do this, and usually the fisherman has no choice but to cut the line, as I did.

I re-rigged and made a cast. I had a hit, but didn't hook the fish. While reeling in I noticed that I had hooked a line. I grabbed the line and pulled the stingray in by hand that I lost.

Notice the barb in the last picture. Even small stingrays like this one have prominent barbs that can be dangerous. Stingrays are gentile and non-aggressive, but they can be dangerous if you invade their space.

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