Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dora Canal - Eustis Florida

The Dora Canal connects Lake Eustis with Lake Dora. It was originally called the Elfin River. In the late 1800s the river was dredged so that watercraft could more easily move through it.

We were only in central Florida for a short time, visiting relatives. In the mid 1980s to the early 1990s, we often took boat rides down the canal when we visited Kathy's parents. Her father still lives on a canal off Lake Eustis, but it has been quite awhile since he has owned a boat.

The Dora Canal is only about a mile long, but one has the opportunity to have a shot at seeing just about all of the wildlife species that live in central Florida. I had a little bit of time to spare while traveling from one relative's home to another, so I parked my car at the bridge over Highway 441 and walked under the bridge to the canal.

Lake Eustis and the Dora Canal

Bridge Over the Doral Canal at Highway 441

Its only possible to walk a short way down the canal. The underbrush gets thick in a hurry.

The Dora Canal

Huge Bamboo

This trailer is not quite "move in ready." Several more abandoned trailers are scattered about near the entrance to the canal. A few decades ago, one could leave very cheap on waterfront like this - not now.

The little speck on the water at the left is an alligator. On the right is a partly sunken boat.

A Closer Look at the Alligator

Some of the plants on the canal are probably remnants of old home sites.



Jason said...

Fantastic post and I love to pictures. Great job. I'm gonna have to go check it. I live just south of Clermont and love exploring places like this. Thanks.


billco said...

Thanks Jason. Nice blog you have.

poorboy said...

I was looking at your arrowhead finds. I find rocks like that all the time and I keep telling people that I think they're arrowheads.

They told me I was crazy but I guess they really were. I wish I would have kept them. :(

billco said...

I get comments all the time about things not looking like arrowheads. A common remark, "Well how'd that shoot that?" That's like walking into a tool shed and seeing nothing, but hammers, ceiling to floor in all sizes.

learnaboutkayakfishing said...

Wow, great pictures. Makes me almost wanting to load my yak, travel over to FL and paddle that small stretch of canal, just to watch some of the wildlife and enjoy the nature. Just too bad it's a 12hrs ride for me almost and right now there is no chance for a couple days off. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.
btw, found your site through linkreferral. Bookmarked!

aprces said...

very nice post! looking forward to your next update, go ahead

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