Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lillian Alabama Boat Launch and Park

The $2.1 million Lillian Boat Launch and Park recently opened near the U.S. Highway 98 Bridge. The park will provide access to the northern end of Perdido Bay.

Baldwin County, Alabama, purchased the land for $1.4 million from AIG Baker, the shopping center developer. The construction was funded by a BP Oil Spill Grant. The park area covers 5.3 acres, room enough for many people to fish from the piers and dozens of cars in the parking lot. There are picnic areas and boardwalks for those who just want to enjoy the beauty of the area. The panoramic views of Perdido Bay and the Highway 98 Bridge will provide photo-ops for both those who can spend some time enjoying the area and those just passing through on the Pensacola to Foley route.

We visited in February, just after the opening of the Lillian Boat Launch and Park, and even though the weather was cold and windy there were people fishing from the piers and several boats had been launched. The park will be very busy when the weather turns warmer. The double boat launch will ease launch times.

The only problem that has presented itself is sand collecting at the boat launch, which could make it difficult to launch boats without periodic dredging.

In addition to recreation, the park will serve as a launching point for the local volunteer fire department and rescue squad. They previously had to leave Alabama and launch their boats into Perdido Bay from a Florida boat launch.

Frequent visitors and those who live in the area are aware of the fish and other creatures than be caught in Perdido Bay with a hook or a net, but others might be surprised at the variety. Mullet can be caught with a cast net and blue crabs can be caught by using several methods-- the most popular method, the crab basket.

Just a few of the more popular fish that can be caught here are speckled trout, white trout, flounder, and redfish. During warm weather kids can easily catch pinfish and croakers, and possibly some bigger fish, so this is a very good place to teach kids how to fish without running the risk of them becoming bored before they catch one.

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