Sunday, January 5, 2014

Even More Gulf Shores Alabama Photos

Beach Pictures

Lazy River Phoenix West Photo

Kathy and I with Jaiden on the Lazy River at Phoenix West in Orange Beach.

Several tour operators on the Alabama Gulf Coast offer dolphin tours, and most of them guarantee that you'll see dolphins.
Dolphin Tour Boat Perdido Pass
Dolphins can always be seen swimming about, especially early in the morning and late afternoon.

Dolphin Tour Boat Perdido Pass

I hooked this stingray while fishing of a dock at the Caribe. It buried into the sand, and I had to cut my line. I re-rigged, caught my old line with my new hook and pulled the stingray in by hand. First time that I've ever done that.

Plane Pulling Ad Gulf Shores

Low flying planes pulling ads run a regular route over the beach during the busiest times of the year. I didn't realize until I uploaded my photo that I also caught two kites and a seagull in this shot.

Kayaking the Bon Secour River

We spent one pleasant afternoon kayaking on the Bon Secour River.

Lagoon Pass Gulf Shores

Little Lagoon Pass on West Beach in Gulf Shores is a good place to spend the day. Fishing is often very good in both Little Lagoon and the Gulf. Kids like the shallow water on the Lagoon side.

Fishing on Perdido Pass Bridge

This guy had a good idea - climbing onto the bridge support. Fishing is usually very good under the Perdido Pass Bridge. The swift current makes it tough to keep a boat anchored on many days.

Taking Beach Photos Alabama Gulf Coast

This is a common sight at the end of the day - vacationers all dressed in white for beach photos.

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